Tourism Life Coast Makassar After Flood , Residents Clean The Garbage

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Halmaheranews.com —- Revive the coast tourist attractions tanjung flowers which filled with trash and wood spindles after the flood , gotong royong residents clean trash by available tools .

Ahmad resident stated that if this condition continues to they left without any handling or the act of will affect Visit to traveled because could not be accessed , and was an eyesore .Of residents ‘ us and initiate to clean up without have to wait to assistance from the related .Although only using simple tools only , said ahmad ‘ people clean the trash spindles wood by means of gather , and they are burned on the fence the coast .

He relayed flooding that nowadays a pile of new wood takes this dipantai first time happened , and most worst throughout the year .Besides cleaning , residents also fix back gasebo that had been damaged by lacing wood spindles on which carried away the waves .’ since this beach in rubbish or fill of sawn wood the number of visitors traveled declined ,

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